synKer- POP3/IMAP to Office 365/Exchange Migration Suite

synKer is the simplest and easiest tool you can find to migrate from POP3, IMAP or Enterprise Vault to Office 365/Exchange

Avoid complex migration tools and steps and use synKer, created by our professional team incorporating our years of experience in Exchange and Office 365 migration.

Do you want to avoid downtime during migration from POP3 or IMAP or Enterprise Vault to Office 365/Exchange?! synKer is your tool, just import your mailboxes information and let synKer do the magic, synKer will not migrate mailboxes one time, but will always keep running and keeping mailboxes in-sync helping you migrate with ease and without downtime.

Now POP3/IMAP/EV to Office 365/Exchange migration will never get easier.



Super Simple

We created this tool to help you migrating not to give you nightmares. A super simple and fast, no complexities and almost no training required.


Our tool is super fast as you can choose how many parallel migration cycle can run to meet your demand, not hidden registry keys or config files.

Tools for after the migration

We have created our unique set of tools to help you post migration, you can create profiles automatically for users and even map existing PSTs, no one can do it like we do.

Best Features Available

synKer has the best options to give you 0% Downtime guarantee

Always in Sync

Run sync jobs at intervals so you can keep your mailboxes in sync up to 10 minutes and never lose and email

Powerful tools for after migration

Create profiles automatically, map PSTs, Import PSTs and more.

Test Your Migration

Run test patches without deleting emails from the source, once you are sure you can run migration to delete emails.

Parallel Operations

Use your CPUs to the max and run parallel migration tasks

Migrate Eveything

Mails, calendar and contacts are imported directly to users mailboxes.

Super Simple

No complex training or command lines, just create CSV files and import them and let synKer do the job.
Years of Experience

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synKer Free

synKer free is awesome for testing and small migrations up to 5 users, you can test the performance and train yourself, you can perform full migration up to 5 mailboxes.

synKer free doesn’t include the following features:

  • Create Outlook Profiles (Pro Feature).

  • Map PST files (Coming) (Pro Feature).

  • Control Synchronization Interval (Pro Feature), by default synKer free will synchronize mailboxes every 24 hours.

Download synKer Free now

Synker Pro

synKer Pro is our flagship product, it contains all the features to help you migrate with ease including:

  • Create Outlook Profiles for users automatically.

  • Map Existing PST to newly created profile.

  • Control Synchronization Interval up to 10 minutes.

  • Upload PST files to Office 365.

Version History:

06/8/2017: v1.6 (Bug fixes , full IMAP support, Full MBOX support)

20/7/2017: v1.5 (Bug fixes and Exchange on-premise support)

18/7/2017: First Release of v1.4

Buy synKer and let us handle the migration